Infraco Pty Ltd is committed to the environment and where possible materials removed from site are recycled or reused. Methods of work are determined with consideration for noise / dust / vibration pollution and where feasible, more environmentally sustainable options are provided as an option.

At Infraco, we use practical initiatives to achieve sustainability, with the cornerstone of these initiatives being the re-use and recycling of materials.  In addition to this, Infraco Pty Ltd also;

  • Use local suppliers for materials wherever possible to reduce the impact from heavy transportation of materials.
  • Limit the volume of paper and print material distributed to and from our office and wherever possible we use an internal electronic file management system and email for external correspondence.
  • Recently purchased an Izuzu 3 ton tip truck based on its Euro 4 emission standard
  • Plantation grown timber is used
  • Individual skip bins are used for steel, aluminium and general waste